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Chasm 06:36
Street lights Shined down On scarlet Stained snow His overwhelming Sense of apathy Questioned His lack of remorse He had no intent No agenda No spite No reason Lights blurred his vision And the cold (vexed) Simply by coincidence He pulled his knife In the very next moment An innocent Or maybe not Was dead Loved ones Least forgiving Demanded his life “Let’s watch him burn” Pointed fingers From flagrant disgust The arbiters of justice Fated him to die He laid behind his bars Waiting All things end Eventually A God’s pathetic instrument Entered the chaplain “You can save your soul” What smug piety Strapped to his chair Allowed his last words “Can you tell me what justice means?” In death He laughed and smiled The world watched In overwhelming apathy Their familiar lack of remorse In the hearts of men Lies an infinite ocean of emptiness
Vertices 02:04
Elevator 06:38
[The Absurd Struggle] Resolute to find order No matter the consequences We created an infinity Of metaphysical speculations That reduce to nothingness It’s our failure To be less ignorant [Sartre’s Ontological Approach (Partly)] A fellow stranger He said hell is other people Each one Narcissistic, righteous, and doomed In the same way [The Faith Approach] A determined preacher Begged for your attention He demanded you love A God Who you must also fear [The Meursault Approach] An impassioned rebel Abandoned hope Faith and appeal Unscathed by existence He took pleasure from his indifference [Live to Love] A girl with brown hair She took my hand Despite our failings She accepted me And I’d never let go [Resolution] A fellow stranger Said hell is other people Bound by the same condition We’re all strangers To each other and ourselves Perception’s inherently flawed Faith tries to escape Indifference pretends not to care With an awareness of our limitations To be accepted might be enough All we have left is each other If hell were other people I’d wish for an eternity in hell
Thanksgiving 04:28
The crashing of waves Against our feet Basking beneath the moonlight There was something In the distance Far beyond our reach I wanted to know Day by day Others lived mechanically Their routines Escaped the mystery I had so many questions So desperate for answers No answers Day by day Others lived mechanically You took my hand We swam together Into the unknown Despite our best efforts When I couldn’t find answers You were there to console me The warmness of your soul Brought the comfort of home But in the depths of absurdity It’s a strange world The dissonance It changes people You grew the eyes of a stranger And I’m so sick of feeling alone I can’t find my way I can’t find my way home I looked in the mirror A stranger stared back
Light Field 05:39
What a curious predicament So cold and confused Do I already have The strength To create some purpose And capture the light The hearts Of our loved ones When it all seems So perpetually futile Our lives are contradicted At the fringes Of our reason The only way back Is through verbal convolution The foundations begin to crack And it all comes crashing down We start over again Find our way back Or out If it’s too much for us to bear
Cave 02:03
Shooter 07:01
Temptation Eludes reason Animating Inanimate Seeking patterns Where there are none Arbitrary attachments push us apart I know You feel victimized Desperate to blame You victimize too Can you tell me what justice means? This place’s so hard Take me to some reprieve I won’t continue this way The quest for truth Is absurd Can you tell me What justice means Can you tell me What justice Means No matter how loud you scream The world stays the same
Sisyphus 05:40
Slave To myself Free without choice So lost Lost Every time, I followed the sound Of laughter echoed through these walls No matter how hard I tried Gazing in the haze Across the ocean Deep in my heart There’s a storm I am searching for A reason With each wave Comes another question I’m reduced to emptiness I won’t Continue this way The quest for truth Is absurd We don’t need reasons to love We don’t need purpose to love Deep in my heart There’s an ocean Of empty answers We don’t need reasons to love We don’t need purpose to love Within this endless storm Can end our suffering Wage a war Against the absurd I can show you Create meaning against all odds Slaves To ourselves And free All at once
Empty Offer 01:26
Within these shackles, I have nothing to offer.


'Strangers' was recorded between January 2013 and February 2016 by each member from the comfort of their own homes. Although Jason and Billy previously knew each other, the entire album was written before Dan had met either. To this day, Dan cannot be sure if Billy is a human or bad-ass drum machine able to pass the Turing Test and Dan has only seen Jason in person once. Our mixing engineer is in Switzerland, mastering engineer in Sweden, and 5.1 engineer in England. Hence, the album is aptly named 'Strangers.'


“I can't WAIT for the new album by They Seem Like Owls, the highly experimental and totally exciting band that's equal parts prog, djent, ambient and healthy dose of avant-garde saxophone-based jazz. Incredible stuff from a VERY under-the-radar U.S. band.”
- Jeff Stevens, Prog Metal Zone

“They Seem Like Owls are a talented trio who hopefully will find some success with 'Strangers.' This is a very well written and well produced album sure to please prog metal fans who like both aggression and atmosphere.”
- Progman Rob, Progressive Music Planet

"... [an album] that has the great merit of offering a wide musical spectrum that can't help but to also affect your pretentious ways. What a discovery."
- Francis Scarci, Pit of the Damned


released June 17, 2016

Jason Margaritis: Vocals
Dan Cutright: Guitars, bass, synths
Billy Cole: Drums
Michael Schiavoni: Saxophone

Artwork and CD/DVD package design:
Shawn Pratzner (

Mixed by: Julien Fehlmann (
Mastered by: Magnus Lindberg (
Surround Sound by: Bruce Soord (


all rights reserved



They Seem Like Owls

They Seem Like Owls is a home-studio project with a broad range of musical influences including progressive rock, post-metal, experimental, and non-musical influences including Albert Camus, David Lynch, and Justin Bieber.

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